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*Corzip runs up to the bar... but just before he runs around the corner he feels a lot of dark energies. he stops at the corner and looks around it. there are a lot of dark energies out there..... im not sure wich one of them is the good guy. Darkforse catches up with him. he stops.*

And?? how is the situation??

Not good... i think they are all Dark lords. and i think that gargoile thing... is the one that attacked you with your speeder bikes.

*Darkforse lookes. he sees the fight and the energies rising. he may not be a Jedi but he was tought it its ways and knows excactly how to handle a lightsaber. he even defeated some Jedi in trianing.. among them was even the Legend of Obi Wan Kenobi.*

So what do we do??

Wait a couple of minutes... i want to find out who is a good guy and who isnt. i can sence Death in the neighbourhood.
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