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Exclamation N*conceivable!

Anybody else heard the announcement that Lucas (in his <strike>in</strike>finite wisdom) will be including members of N*SYNC in AotC?

It's more than a rumour, AFAIK (though I can't find the actual announcement), but apparently Lucas himself is wavering. It's in, it's out, it's in, it's out. . .

Story is that he's doing it as a gift to his daughter, who's a big N*SYNC fan. Apparently, they'd be just minor figures in the background of a scene, visible for just a few seconds. He also apparently said that it wouldn't be the whole band, but just two or three of them. Though you can bet that Timberlake will be one of them;
Remember when this was a band instead of a solo act with accompaniment?
--Ed the Sock

Personally I don't really care (as long as they are minor, easily ignored cameos), but the internet community is up in arms.

I'm starting to think Lucas is trying to ruin the franchise from the inside, so that when he retires from SW after Ep.III (after milking it for all it's worth) no-one else will be able to play with his Toys? I mean, Lucas' possessive streak is well-known, it'd be just like him to lock the GFFA away so that no-one else can have it after him.

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