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Exclamation The Return of Deac Starkiller

*Elveron sees Deac's saber and pushes past the mourners and grabs it.*

Elveron: You don't need to worry! He's going to come back

*Elveron pulls out the power cell and inserts it into the device*

Goodbye everyone! The pain of being a Starkiller will never come to me! They won't die! I won't have to face it!

*In a flash of light, Elveron disappears....

and appears just as Syrnl hurled his saber at Deac. Elveron takes the full blow.

Deac Darkstar then shudders. As Elveron was also a Starkiller, he cannot live on three-quarter power. Whilst Syrnl flees at the sight of two Starkillers. Deac then halves Deac Darkstar.

[To Elveron] Who are you, friend?

Elveron: Elveron Starkiller. Your successor. I lost everyone important to me. I saw everything die. I had to save you. I have fuffiled my purpose. I will never exist...

*Elveron Starkiller's soul becomes one with the sword.*

[To Everyone] A man I didn't know just gave his life to save me. Now that the future has been changed, I guess we can still carry on.

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