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*Corzip and Darkforse walk up to Deac. they stand behind him and Corzip asks:*

Are you allright Deac??? who was that??

WOW!! what a show!

*Darkforse smiles as he hears a whining sound of a repulsor lift nearby. around a corner apears an X-wing. and by the looks of it, a heavily modified X-wing. As Deac and Corzip start to talk, Darkforse grabs his comlink.*

You fashionably late again Garik.

*The landinglights go on and spray a brightlight to Darkforse. Darkforse smiles. Gariks voice comes on the comlink of Darkforse.*

So what happened? is everyone alright? Did we win?

I guess so... there was a huge lightshow. but i guess you better go back to the hanger before you have some Eyeballs on your neck.

Got you. im on my way

*The X-wing turns around and goes with full thrusters on. and disapears behind a building. just before Darkforse wnats to turn around he hears Tie engines far away and hopes that Garik can get out in time. he truns toward Deac and Corzip.*
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