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Post your character bios here... (ooc thread)

(This thread is hereby deamed ooc )

.. Just so we can know a bit more about the people you're portaying, and can use the information in our improvision.

I'll start. Try to follow my example, and include as much information as you think is relevant.

Name: Hahna
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Age: 27
Appearance: Hahna of average height, around 5'8", with tanned skin and shoulder-length black hair. She has an attractive, thin, lithe body and a narrow face with coal black eyes. Hahna usually wears comfortable, baggy garments, of dark colours.
Bio: Born in the streets of Corellia, Hahna grew up in the backalleys and dirty slums, and learned the rule that usually governs her life: 'Look out for number one.' She had no official schooling, but was incredibly bright, and learned whereever and whatever she could. Her parents were killed at a young age by a group of Rodian thugs, and she's had a vicious distaste for most aliens all her life. When she was 16, she stowed away on board a smuggler's vessel, and got off on the capitol planet of Coruscant. There, she got a job as a mechanic. Unfortionatly, her distaste for alien species led to her killing a fellow worker, and she eneded up stealing a ship and heading for Tatooine, where she lived as a theif and begger for numerous years, until recently, when she's lost all will to continue. During the last few weeks, she's been living off what little is left of her savings and trying to find something to reinvigorate her life.

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