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Well here is mine.... hope it is not to much

Name: Garik Loran
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Homeworld: Sluis Van
Age: 26
Appearance: A tall man. Very good looking to standards, if it wasnt for the big scar running across his face. the scar goes from his left cheek, across his nose, and marred his right forehead. Wich nicknamed him: 'The Face'.
Bio: Born on Sluis Van. got in to acting when he was about 5 years old. supported by his wealthy family he went to Coruscant and did acting school. he made propoganda Holo's for the Empire and was loved my many young girls at that time. He was kidnapped by rebel extremists when he was 10 years old. The Empire tried to rescue him but in the fight a laser blast scarred his face. everybody died in the fight except Garik. The rebels had shown him what the Empire was doing to the Galaxy so that is when he went away from them. He hid for many years on Naboo. His parents were the only ones who knew he was alive and they gave him money to survive. At the age of 18 years his parents were killed in a Gundark attack. By then he had enough money to get him everywhere. he went to Corellia with his friends and bought a YT-2400. called the: 'Ewok Pride'. With that ship he started his own company called: 'Lorans Luggage'.
Ton Phanan. Human Male from Naboo. Navigator.
Dia Passik. Female Twi'lek from Ryltoh. Co-pilot
Myn Donos. Human Male from Corellia. Mechanic (gunner)

I will also talk for my friends if it is requested. but im following my lead character Garik Loran around. So if for example Ton is going somewhere.. i will not describe him. i will describe everything about Garik Loran.

a picture of Garik Loran:

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