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ok, the level is inside a fortress has a lava pit in the middle, and catwalks on the walls of the building, and there's a catwalk above the lava pit, and in the middle, there's a health, and that's the main fight area, it's hard to strafe right or left without falling over the edge. You can knock the other player over the edge and into the lava pit, where they slowly die...unless they use force jump b4 they hit, but if they hit, they kinda get sucked under, and take 16 damage per 4 seconds on the way up, and by the time you'd get to the surface, you'd be about dead. hehehehe took me like all day to make that level. I even lighted it, and made a sp version. btw, i fixed the 'force power problem', i figured out what i did WRONG. hehe so i give the rank of 'jedi lord' and that starts ya with max force powers, which is what everybody wants. It's also Sabers only, and it would be REALLY awesome if 3 people could play, 2 of them fight on the catwalk, and the 3rd watching them, it'd look like a real lightsaber battle. it takes place at night, btw...whoa it's only 8:35!!

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