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Exclamation Lack of useless blabbering?

People, whats goin on with the posts slowin down? When I first showed up here, it was like, new posts in every section, every hour, now its like, nothing...

Also, on a note to anyone who might by some strange twist of fate care, I STILL think I can get the episodes of Sam & Max that were released officially on tape captured and in computer video format for Unofficial and what have you for clips, sound files, whatever. If my friend ever wakes up, I'll be heading to his house, tapes in hand. If all goes well, and anyone actually finds a use for the clips, cool, and if anyone wants the episodes not released on tape officially encoded, email me at if youre willing to let me borrow your copies of the episodes, I promise to give em back, and youd be mailing to my home adress, so you can come kick my ass if i dont!

[Edit:] 2002? WTF? heh, someones digging up old posts more than I do, damn. I sucked when I was 17.

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