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Post Post your character for the RPG. + BIO!

State the name and a little background of your Character.
Try to do so according to my settup
If you have a PICTURE of your character, you can post that too.
if you do not. NO PROBLEM.

Name: Garik Loran.
Rank: Captain of Wraith Squadron. Wraith 1.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 22.
Home Planet: Sluis Van.
Appearance: A tall man. Very good looking to standards, if it wasnt for the big scar running across his face. the scar goes from his left cheek, across his nose, and marred his right forehead. Wich nicknamed him: 'The Face'.
Bio: Born on Sluis Van. got in to acting when he was about 5 years old. supported by his wealthy family he went to Coruscant and did acting school. he made propoganda Holo's for the Empire and was loved my many young girls at that time. He was kidnapped by rebel extremists when he was 10 years old. The Empire tried to rescue him but in the fight a laser blast scarred his face. everybody died in the fight except Garik. The rebels had shown him what the Empire was doing to the Galaxie. after he saw all that, he faked his own death and went into hiding. after 5 years his Parents died in Gundark attack. When he reached 19 years old. he joined the rebellion. able to go in his self bought X-wing. he soon was promoted to Lieutenant. and when he was 21 he was promoted to captain of a new kind of X-wing squadron. WRAITH SQUADRON.

what is up?
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