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Name: Kyle d'Tana
Rank: Flight Officer, Wraith Eight
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Home Planet: Chandrila
Apearance: Tall, light(?) man, with short black hair ( like han Solo, only Black!).

Bio: With 14 Years, he was * as a flying talent, by the rebels. He was in a rebel alliance school, for young pilots, and after he finished, he didn't wanted to join a squadron anymore. He wanted to see the corporate sector, and lost there his girlfriend, which he many loved. Then he gets back to the rebel alliance. There, Garik Loran, wants that he joines the Wraith Squadron, and so he gets the rank of a Flight Officer in the Elite X-Wing Squadron of the alliance!

Enjoi Aresen! Perfect place to lose your sanity!

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