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NAME: no one know her name, but she`s called Hassany
RANK: Mechanical of all the squadron, also she`s flight leader like all.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 20
APPEAREANCE: a tall lady, she`s tiny, black hair and white skin, she always look serious and always look like she`s thinking a lot.

BIO: This youg girl is a smart Lady with a special hability in all mechanics things, her mother always show her that she needs to obey the Imperials, but her father was sent to Kessel when she had 9 because he was a a member of the Rebellion, That was the reason she joins the Rebellion when she had the opportunity.

She likes to read all about machines and she talks only when someone talk to her, she always dress her pilot uniform, but few months ago someone make a draw of her using a very beautiful dress, she likes it and she have it in the console of her X-Wing the draw is something like this:

note:for some reason I can NOT post any image, maybe I don`t have enough post to do it, I tried to edit that but i can`t, so this is the link and you can see the image

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