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*The planet of Alderaan. a lovely planet, a beautifil world.
It is a planet full of history. now a peacefull planet, but once it was a planet full of war.
This planet was part of the Empire. but secretly it was part of the Rebel Alliance. some parts of the planet were secret bases of the Rebels. even a training camp for pilots.*

*It also housed the new squadrons. Red Squadron, Gold Squadron, Blue Squadron and now the new squadron too. Wraith Squadron. These squadron were to ship out in a couple of days to new hide outs. It was said that Gold and Red squadron were off to go to the 4th planet of Yavin. and Blue squadron were of to clear out the old base on Dantooine.
Wraith squadron on the other hand are send out on a covert missions to take out Imperial bases. they are going to be send too an asteroide belt in the neighbourhood of Bimmisaari. *

*In the hallways of the rebel base, two man were walking to a briefing rrom. Garik Loran and his Executive Officer were walking along the hallways. Garik was the Squad leader of Wraith Squadron. Garik turned his head to his XO.*

What do you think of out new pilots? Do you think they will be good at this?

*The XO shrugged and turned his head to Garik.*
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