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Subject : Jake Lloyd
Species : Human
Born: 3049
Height : 1.89 meters
Transport : Lambada Class Shuttle for transporting important personnel

Orphaned as a young boy, with no knowledge of his family, Jake was immediately taken in by The Empire in the hope that he could be used as a tool to build their empire. Jake's desires did not venture beyond his studies. He was content in working, and did not desire anymore. Beyond his work there was
nothing no friends, no life and no family. Jake grew up to respect The Empire and learned to use his special abilities for the good of her employers.

At a young age his talents were noticed by The Empires highest ranking Grand Admirals. Jake stood out as a bold individual with outstandingly high test scores. For the interest
of security he was trained in various forms of self-defence and in
the use of modern day weaponry in the case of an emergency, in which he also ranked highly. Later on, this would prove to be essential....

The force will betray you to me.
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