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looking for all the people in the base, she questioned herself why she is there? her mother was a member of the Empire and her father a rebel, a very big contradiction, and the only thing she had of her mother is a Dark LS with pink glow, only a record, she never used cause that LS send Hassany´s father to Kessel...

She finished to fill all the papers and went to her locker, she puts her own things, tools and instruments, she will had a lot of work to do cheking all the X-Wings and all the other things she need to check, -"It will be a long day"- she think, she take the new uniform, but she will only use it to clean the tools, her old uniform is better to her, it was made it specially for her and she will not use another one.

When she is checking all the mechanic things, her Draw is in the locker, locked up like her mother´s memories, but the only difference is that her draw will be out of the locker in a moment, and it will help her to fight bravely, and the other thing will never be out again...

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