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*Garik looked over the pilots. He was a bit proud of his handpicked squadron. now like he said to Ton Phanan, he had some worries for some of them. he looked at the medic. she was always serious. maybe a bit too serious. But she was the best field medic there was. he slowly looked at his young pilot, Kyle d'Tana. A young flight wonder. he was realy good. but so very young.. Hey! what is young. i mean, im 22 years old. Garik thought of that. This whole squadron was made of young people. He sure hoped he wouldnt get these kids killed. he looked at his Mechanic. A woman. she was very quiet. she didnt say much. Just like the 'Shadow' in the corner. he didnt say much either. but he was a good starfighter pilot.*

Ok pilots. lets begin. Are we all here? wait a second where is that new guy? has anybody seen him?

*Everybody shook they're heads. Garik frowned. he shrugged.*

Well that means kitchen duty for him. he shoulf have been on time.

*Everybody laughed. except for the medic. Too serious indeed. Garik should try to let her loosen up a bit. he looked at his XO.
He smiled at his former remark.*

Well i wanted to go threw the numbers you will be having. and the flight groups we will be anounced. Has everybody given they're medical record to our medical officer. officer Dios?
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