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So if we finaly worked out the numbers on everyone, even if some people are still not here. we can go to the next subject.

*Garik stared at his XO. the guy made him laugh. he was nothing like other officers. he had some disrespect fo higher ranking officers. but in a funny way.*

Our flight groups:
We have 8 pilots. 4 short of a full squadron. cause we are not with many yet. But maybe in the near future it will change.
Like i said in the numbers. Ton Phanan and me, Wraith 2 and 1 will be wingmates.
Wraith 3, Hassany and Wraith 4 (edit later LQ) your together. Lets call it Wingladies.

*Garik smiled, So did some others*
Wraith 5, (redwing) and Wraith 6, The Shaddow. you two are teamed up as well.
Wraith 7, Kyle d'Tana and Wraith 8, Charlie Dios. You are the last of the group.

If i call the command to go by pairs we go as wingmates. and if i go by flight groups. we get in to two flightgroups of four fighters.
I will lead the first flight group. I want Dios to have lead of the second flight group. But i know you are a busy person Dios. if the others in the flight group extend to a sertain command level. i will take it to them.
Flight group one:
Me. leader of group
Ton Phanan
(lizard queen)

Flight group two
Kyle d'Tana
Charlie Dios. leader of group
I hope it is all clear.

*He looked around. and got some nods.*
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