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True about the ever rotating $$$ signs that must be plaguing poor G.L. (Yeah - right), but what you gonna do ?

We, the ones who can make or break him by going to se it or not, actually have no say, choice, or way to say -

"OI! LUCAS! NO! I loved what you did with the original trilogy, and the remastered were a master piece. But if start to forget the fans, and pump out endless ****e that makes people lose faith in such a well established and well loved space opera genre, then I will have to cut your nuts off!"

Err - yeah - err, well - you see my point.

But, if the movies go like the games, they will be a period of pap, followed by a rejuvinated and gob smackingly godlike torrent of star dust. (FC to BG to RS2:RL and JO)

Im going to give him one last chance.... 1...


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