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*he looked at the small grin Dios made and the reaction of Kyle.
this should get interesting.*

Now about those two laser brains. If they dont get in here soon. we will have to put them up as wings on our x-wings.
Anyway. We will leave Alderaan in 10 hours. I want to have a little talk with each one of you in my office. Ton will be there with me and we want to ask you some questions.
I will contact you by your comlink, so dont turn it off. while you wait. you will get your gears ready and put you X-wings into shape. so that we dont have to wait when we want to leave.
Hassany? After you get your gear together and you put them on your fighter, You investigate all X-wings. I want you to look at the Hyperspace engine. cause there were some troubles with them when they arrived.
Dios? get your medical dossiers to my office as soon as you are able. i want to review them with you.
Ton? you come with me to my office and formulate some questions for us to ask these kids.
OK. everybody got it?

*all nodded.*
Good. now dismissed.
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