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Name: Raschel Sheire
Rank: (demoted to Recruit status)
Species: K'beran
Gender: female
Age: undisclosed
Home Planet: unknown, raised on Coruscant
Appearance: Tall and thin. She has a mane of long light blue hair. Her face looks reptilian, and has a snout. Her facial expression has been described by Terrans as looking somewhat like a lionesses'.
Bio: Separated from her family at age three by slavers, she was rescued by a high-class Coruscant family who used their connections to protect her during a time when nonhumans were looked upon with hatred and prejudice. Wanting to prove the Imperial mainstream attitude toward aliens wrong, she joined the Imperial Training Academy at Carida. She fought her way up several ranks through sheer determination and skill, but found she was not allowed to become a TIE pilot because she wasn't 'human enough'...despite her incredible skill level. With this came a double blow, for the same day her promotion was refused, the news arrived that the her parents had been executed for "conspiracy against the Empire". Just what the charges entailed was classified information. Enraged, crushed, and full of hatred for the Empire, she dropped out of the Imperial Academy and joined a Rebel-affiliated group of smugglers. She used her excellent piloting skills to help them assist in the undermining of the Empire. When the fledgling Rebel Alliance was first put together, she applied to become a starfighter pilot. Impressed by her scores, she was briefly assigned to their Y-Wing division; but her temper got her kicked out. Now she has been assigned to Wraith Squadron. She is a very skilled pilot, and has flown more fighters, transports and other vessels than the average pilot would see in twenty lifetimes. She is quite skilled with a blaster and other small-scale ranged weapons; and her smuggling experience has afforded her quite a bit of technical expertise as well.

[EDITED for mention of Alderaan...Wraithy you should've been clearer on that stuff )

REEDIT because somehow I changed her name from Racshel to Raschel

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