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Well, I wouldn't say all hope is completely lost... I just saw on the the LucasArts support page that they posted an update to OUTLAWS late last year!

Anyway, I'm in the same boat, here... I am running Windows 2000, and just picked up SW:RS3D at the store. I thought it was a bargain price, little did I know that it was $12 in the toilet.

Everything seems to install, except for the DX6 files...sigh. Running "Rogue Squadron.EXE" seems to work, except that I can't create a new player. I don't suppose someone would be nice enough to create a new player file for me, email it to me and tell me where to stick it? (On the hard drive, that is...)

And before anyone says again, "It's an old game, what do you expect," I expect LA to still support products they are selling at the retail level, regardless of age.

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