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Ton was on his feet the moment they were dismissed. Before he left the room two extra tardys came in. He recognized them from their profiles. The one named J.G Orthos Darkstar panted, "Is..uh.. am I in the right place sir? I've been trying to find out where I'm needed but no-one seems to know."

Ton walked over to him smiling. "Yes I beleive you are late. Late for you spanking." Ton smiled at his own joke then continued. "I suggest you catch up on the breifing with one of your other fellow pilotes." Ton started to walk away then turned back around quickly. "Oh and I'm the XO of the squadron, Ton Phanan. Don't forget it."

Ton went from there to Garik's office. Once thetre Ton started right away with his own suggestions for the interogation of the pilotes. "Alrighty, what shall we start with. What is your favorite color? What was your favorite animal when you were a kid? How are you today?" Ton trailed on but stopped when he thought he was going to far.

"I loathe bus stations. Terrible places. Full of lost luggage and souls."
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