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*Garik was in his office and listened to his XO. He puts his gands over his face and tries not to cry. But what was the reason? should he cry for some of the missfits in his squad? or for the realy stupid questions Ton made up? Should he cry for being sad? or for finding it all hillarious?
He chose for the last one. he put away his hands and started to laugh at Ton.*

Now that is extualy a good start. ask them some stupid questions and they may come loose.
I want Dios in here as last. we can evaluate them all then.
and put those 2 late comers together in one flight group. I just heard that (Lizard Queen name?) has been delayed. She will be here as soon as possible, but she is with the Alderanians on a mission to Coruscant. to find out how long we need to keep hiding for the Empire. I even heard that Princes Leia is with her.
Ok. first of all, the questions:
i think we better start of with 'how are you doing'
and then:
how is your score in the simulators up to now?
Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
what do you remember from your child hood?
Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
How do you feel about Non humans?
What is your favorite colour?
Got any pets?
got any family left back home?

how about that Ton?
well .. lets first send in that 'Shadow' guy. He gives me the creeps with his stare.

*Garik put his comlink to his mouth and called 'SHADOW' to his office. *
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