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Name: Jekari Duran (really Dunari but he changed it along with his entire past)
Species: Human
Age: 15 or 16. Says 18 on his records though.
Sex: Guy, but could get mistaken for a girl.
Height: About 5'7 or 5'6
Wrank: Wraith 4?

Bio: Jekari grew up with a good family. They weren't super rich but they had money. He has an eerily high IQ and is a whiz with computers. After he hacked into several Imperial Corporations he saw the things they did and crashed their systems. Trying to get to him his house was attacked and his family was wiped out. He survied and vowed to get revenge.

Using his skills he was able to forge documents that let showed him as being older and an orphan. He joined a squadron and did very well. He loved and still loves being a smart ass and playing jokes. His numerous practical jokes he'd play on people who pissed him off and his normaly smiling attitude earned him the nickname "Jester".

When several officers who were total jerks kept picking in him and his friend he hacked the comm systems on all the fighters to display obscene messages about said officers. Needless to say they were not amused and he was kicked out.

Still desperate to get the Empire back for what they did to his family he joins the Wraith Squadron. He always has a smile and a joke for everyone but doesn't really let anyone get to close to him.

((sorry it took so long to post this. ^^ My time got eaten up by a HUGE school project. Which i am pretty sure i got an A on! YES! Worship me!))

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