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Muttering curses under his breath Jekari rushed to where he hopes was the correct loactaion of the breifing room. Not only had he overslept but he had wouond up going into the wrong room. Twice. Finaly getting himself oriented he realized he was on the oppsosite side of the compound.

//Great. First day and you not only sleep in and get lost, you show up late.//

He supposed he would have been on time if he hadn't stayed up all night on his computer. But he couldn't help it. He was having fun! The system here was better then anything he'd ever had access too.

//Hmmm...wonder if i could get into the brain. Oh what fun that would be. //

Lost in thought about the things he would do if he had control (all good though. Just play a few jokes in case some peoplee had bugs up their bums) he ran by the breaifing room. Realizin his error he turned and ran in. Skidding to a halt he stood at the door, flushed and panting from his long run.

((ooc. okay. my contribution. hopefully i wll be able to contribute more specialy since i'm taking a lighter school load this semester))

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