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After she finiched to check all the X-Wings, she can check, she went out the hangars, someone told her that her "wingmate" had arrived few minutes ago. she start to look all the people, some new faces, two boys and a girl, - Maybe I need to ask to someone else the names before I talk-.

Orthos Darkstar, Jerkari Duran and Racshel Sheire, she was going with Racshel to talk, but she read the notes, her wingmate is Jeraki Duran......
-I need to talk with my officer, My report is incomplete and I need his help-
After she said that, she went with him and start talking:

-hey, are you Jeraki Duran, nice to meet you, Im hassany and Im your wingmate, I was suppose to wait for a girl, but anyway, it doesnt matter, Im the mechanic here and Im a little tired, i think i need more help or a fast computer to insert some cheats In the console, heheh, oh! sorry, Im talking a lot and i didnt let you talk, how are you?, say me something about you, we need to know us each other to work perfect. wahy are you late?

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