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*While they were waiting for 'the shadow' garik let his eyes fall over the names. he had to make new wingpares as he saw he forgot the new lieutenant. well it would just have to go under the new planning. he was thinking about the time he had.
a total of maybe 2 hours to talk to these guys and galls. an hour to get his gear and report to Bail Organa that he was leaving.
he could get some rest later. maybe an hour or 5 sleep. and an hour to get ready. than he had at least one hour left. he could call another meeting tomorrow just before they left. yeah i should that.*

Ton? lets have a meeting an hour before we leave tomorrow. so that we can go over flight procedure one more time.

*He called in the squadron 3PO unit. H-3PO, also known as Heini, was the quarter master of the squadron. he walked in.*

Heini? would you tell all squadron members to report in the briefing room in 9 hours. But also tell them after they see me, to get some rest. and if they have large equipment, Take it with the crew of the Calculators Edge. ok? Oh and if you see 'Shadow' out there. send him to my office.

*The calculators Edge is a Corellian Corvette. It was an old ship and it was assigned to Wraith Squadron.*

Now where is that 'shadow'. his comlink was on.
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