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Name: Thiris Rupsyd

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 25

Appearence: Standing at 6'1 With blonde hair (naturally Brown) and Deep blue eyes and a masculine build. Although never actually realising it most ladies lust him, but he has never actually realised this. He wears a field jacket over his Crimson Mercenaries Uniform, so that only those who no him to be in the CM realise this. His Jacket conceals a small blaster similar to that (although not as modified) as Han Solo.

Bio: In a nut shell, Born into imperial family, father a high ranking officer, Becoming an officer 3rd class, his father flees to the rebellion. He flees when his mother is killed by Vader himself. He never finds his father but meets the Crimson Mercenaries, from pilot he got his hands on an A-Wing which he still uses although he is now the leader of a ground team.

-T Rupsyd
-DR love

i am all these things
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