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Hassany was talking with Jeraki when Garik called her, -too bad, I need to talk with you, cause maybe we can do very good things with the X-wings consoles-She said to Jeraki, she will talk with him later, now itīs time to go with Garik.

During the few minutes she was going to the office, Hassany remembers when her father was sent to Kessel, Iīt was to difficult for her because her mother was a spy, she worked with the Imperals and she destroyed the squadron of her father, something difficult to Hassany, she was with her mother until she dies 2 years ago, then, she went with the last survivor of her fatherīs squadron, she hopes her father is still alive in kessel, She will save him, no matter what happens.....

In the office, Hassany looked at Garik, she doesnīt think in the other members into the office, she will only look to garikīs eyes:

did you call me sir???
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