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Yes. i wanted to ask you some questions, if that is okay with you. we will go off to our new base in less than 10 hours. Are the X-wings in tip top shape?

how is your score in the simulators up to now?

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?

what do you remember from your child hood?

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?

How do you feel about Non humans?

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?

((ooc 1: euh.. i posted the questions behind eachother.. cause it is a lot easier than making 20 posts . just answer them all.))
((ooc 2: euh... i just wanted to ask DD and DSS these questions got they have the charachters that i dont know much about. the rest of you i know plenty about so i will not ask you questions.))
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