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Hassany listened carefully what garik said, she knows that those answers where made specailly for her cause she never talks, maybe garik asked the same questions to someone else, but he doesn´t know that.

Are the X-wings in tip top shape?
well, I only need to do some special moves in the consoles, and I can´t check the Dark Angel (the shadow´s X-Wing), but I will work on it soon.

how is your score in the simulators up to now?
my score was very good sir, I had an X-Wing in the last squadron i was, and I know how to fly in a battle

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
my mother was a spy and she worked for the Imperial until she dies two years ago, she always show me how to obey and kill the rebels and she gave me her dark glow LS before she dies, so, I can say that I worked with the Imperial few years ago.

what do you remember from your child hood?
yes, when my father teach me how to fly and X-Wing and repair it, when my mother sent my father to Kessel, and when I made me the promisse to join a rebel squadron to free my father

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
really no, I think I have something special that you need here, I hope that you can say me why am I here

How do you feel about Non humans?
Nothing bad

What is your favorite colour?
black, as you can see in my uniform

Got any pets?
No, I always travel alone, only with a draw

got any family left back home?
I hope my father is still alive in kessel....

Do you have any friends?
Like I said you, I always travel alone, My friends are dead, the last squadron I was, the squadron of my father..., I don´t have any friends, the people is afraid with me, maybe if someone talk to me I can talk, but no one tryied it...

After she finished those questions, Hassany stand up and look at garik´s eyes again:

-Sir, I have to finish my work, I hope i can finish it on time and give you an excellent X-wing, now its time to go, take a rest Sir, our party will start in 10 hours....

She left the office, Hassany needs to take her draw, put it in her X-Wing, and she doesn´t know why, but she will take the LS too.
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