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*Garik sees the 'Shadow' in the hangar as he passed it. He looks worried. Garik walks up to him. and puts a hand on his shoulder.*

What was it?

*The 'Shadow' looked startled. in his reaction he grabbed at his blaster. But at the last moment before he grabs it he sees Garik and relaxes. And jumps to salute Garik.*

At ease 'Shadow'. is everything ok?

*Garik watched his chrono. he hadnt much time to contact minister Bail Organa.*

You know what. come with me. ill introduce you to one of the people who made the Rebbelion what it is now.

*The 'Shadow' looked at him as if he would say: NO! But he relaxed and agreed with Garik. They both walked out of the hangar toward Bail Organa's office.*
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