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Raschel was in the flight simulators, purportedly working to get accustomed to flying an X-Wing fighter rather than the TIE/ln sims she had trained in at Carida. But the real reason was that she needed to take her frustrations out on something, and sims were the only thing available for her to do so.

Turning in her simulator's cockpit, she chased simulated TIE fighters through the simulated cityscape of Coruscant, the former Imperial Center. She thought back to the interview earlier...

She had been the last to go, and Loran had looked haggard and tired. Barely looking up at her, he had proceeded to ask her a series of questions from a sheet in his hand:

"How is your score in the simulators up to now?"

Raschel hadn't paid attention to the scores, so she cited some numbers that were considered mediocre to average.

"Did you ever work with imperial forces before?"

Yes, she replied, at Carida. The Imperial Academy. Which she quit after the Imperials killed her family...

Her simulated X-Wing raced through a gigantic hulk of a burned out building. Two TIE fighters were unlucky enough to follow her...

"What do you remember from your child hood?"

....Nothing. Or nothing I want to tell you, she'd thought.

Sharp turn with the X-Wing in the ridiculouly large building, and the TIE fighters were in her sights.

"Do you know why I chose you for this Squadron?"

You didn't, I was transfered in.

The first TIE went down as blaster cannon bolts hit it's left wing, and it slammed into the empty building's floor.

"How do you feel about Non humans?" Loran had said without thinking. He'd apologized quickly and profusely, but too late.

The second TIE exploded with a blast from all four cannons at once, directly to the cockpit. Disturbingly, she could hear the dying scream of the computer-generated pilot.

"What is your favorite colour?"
Wondering if the question was a joke, she had named a color in her home tongue that didn't translate to Basic. He'd looked rather confused. Tough.

"Got any pets?"
She wondered who had designed these questions and if they had a point. No, she said.

"Got any family left back home?"

"Do you have any friends?"
Do I look like I do?

With that, she had left. One of the other humans had taken pity on her when she sat alone in the bar; she'd shoved him aside and headed for the simulators. She'd felt guilty, but then again, she didn't need his pity. Not from a human. Not from the ones who'd killed her family.

The last TIE fighter decided to play chicken with her X-Wing. Stupid move...she had shields, the TIE did not. The fighter promptly exploded as a torpedo hit it. Unfortunately, she had waited too long to fire, and the wash of the explosion shut down what remained of her fighter's shields and sent her in a downward spin toward the ground. She ejected just before her fighter exploded from impact.

The screen went blank, and the sim cockpit opened with a tired swoosh.

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