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This is the only text that LQ and me made together, so I will start (and this is only the introduction people)

Hassany returns to look at Jeraki, she needs to work with Him, he was talking with one of the new recluits of the squadron.

Hassany: Jeraki! hey, finally I found you, what was you saying about computers?
Jekari: ^_^ Well you are talking to the original computer hacker. Give me enough time and caffeine and I can hack any system,
Hassany: do you prefer caffeine or chocolate, chocolate itīs better to me
Jerika: As long as it keeps me buzzed i love it.
*Hassany gives him a box of very sweet chocolates.
Hassany: what kind of guns you can add hacking the systems?
Jerika: Well they would have to be laser, or energy weapons. Or rather computer controlled. I just tap into the main controls, rework a few things, set up the commands to operate the guns and there you have it.
Hassany:mmmmmmmm the third one sounds good, maybe we need to add it, and I was thinking in a energy gun, it cut the tie fighter or anyone weīll fight with, like a knife, and then it make a big boom. you know what i mean, but the problem its that it spends a lot of energy, it can be used just one time, and maybe we will need it to shoot it all at the same time to make a big close of the "party" can you do that, or it is a lot fot the X-Wings?
oh, almost forgot, I need some help to check th dark angel, and I can do it only with you help, letīs work.

Jeriki and Hassany went to the hangars to check the Dark angel, they hope that The shadow donīt return yet.

when they was in the hangars, the shadow was there, but he is with Garik, they walked out the hangars, a very good oportunity....

Hassany: This is our opportunity, letīs start our mission.

Jeraki smiled and went into the Dark Angel, he has a lot of wqork to do cheking what this X-Wing have, he needs to work before Hassany to make a good work in the squadron.
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