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Well no sir... i came alone, she just stepped in my way...
looks at rachel...

I was thinking Sir, i got my R6-D6 checking the nav computer in my Dark Angel, but i think it need a repair, he was shutting off often, i think he really need mantenaince.

Garik, stared at Shadow

yeah why not. tell hassany if she can do something...

Shadow nodded but replied:

Hassany... ok, but i dont know what you think, im sure you readed my record, you should know that i was trained in the ways of the Sith, my master was killed, even that i dont know much, i can feel something strange at her...

*grabbing his LightSaber
Look Garik, this LS, was a gift of my master, he found me in Corellia when i was too young...

*turning on the LS
Once upon a time he told me that this weapon will come in handy... i dont know much Force Techniques, but i can feel some disturbances in the force, like the one i sensed when i first saw Hassany, i think she have a great potencial, and i think i can find more about the Force if i can train with her... perhaps my abilities can be useful in this mission

what do you think about this?

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