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The Cantina 5- yet more adventures of Deac and co.

(You know all the rules,)

As the last thread ended on a cliffhanger, we begin in this one. Some of us have made it back to the cantina, whilst Deac Starkiller and his double, Syrnl Starkiller(from the alternate universe) have been deafeted and taken to the other side, with Rwos in chase.

*Deac awakes. He is strapped in to an odd machine, his sword and a strange device over his heart. (Good) Syrnl Starkiller is also in one.
Evil Deac and Syrnl Darkstar are working on the controls*

Syrnl: Finally, we're succeeding. This plan is so clever. I can't believe I didn't think of it.

Evil Deac: Deac was always smarter. But not against himself!

Ah, Double, you've awoken. Good. You can see then, that your energies are going to be extracted.
I'm taking your power, and Darkstar is taking (Good) Syrnl's. We become all powerful, and the Starkiller line ends here.

You *******, Double. You won't succeed. I'm sure the Avatar will intervene.

Syrnl: But we're draining it! You cannot escape this time!

*The Darkstars begin to laugh manically*

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