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*Syrnl turns and whispers to Evil Deac*

Syrnl: I've realised a problem.

Evil Deac: My plan cannot have any problems

Syrnl: But we left a portal device back on my side. If one of those rebels-

Evil Deac:- it must have been destroyed in the explosion.

Syrnl: And that Rwos may have come through.

Evil Deac: He'll never find us.

Syrnl: We have no protection! The empire is gone outright here! Syrnl Starkiller(Good) had almost won.

Evil Deac: Soon that won't be a problem. Charge the drainer.

Syrnl: Charged

Evil Deac: I'm in positon. Create positive power flow from Deac Starkiller to me.

Syrnl: Flow ready.

Evil Deac: Activate on my mark....




*Is this the end for Deac Starkiller (Almost certainly not because I can never bring myself to kill him). Will he lose the power? Will he die?

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