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*Deac falls to the floor as DarkStarkiller truns to see more attackers*

DarkStarkiller: MORE GNATS TO SWOT! *He raises his blades, about to strike the party, when a staggering figure grabs the Starkiller sword and thrusts into DarkStarkiller's heart...


DarkStarkiller: What is this? Noooooooo!

Syrnl: Meet death, filth.

*Syrnl continues stabbing DarkStarkiller as he collapses. Both Syrnl and DSK are down*

DarkStarkiller: So many voices, so much power.

*DSK fades away. A two ravens and a hawk fly in. The Ravens take the Darkblades, one for this universe, another for ours. The hawk takes this universe's Starkiller sword. Deac's remains.

Deac rushes over to his dying brother*

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