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FFS! I am so sick you you rich american bastards and your cable. Have you ever stopped to think of anyone outside your own goddamned country? Has it ever occured to you that many of us cant afford cable or cant get in our area/city?

The statitics show that over 90% of people have 56k. Sure, the percentage of gamers with cable is growing fast, but if game designers start catering for their needs, there will be no way for anyone to actually get into gaming in the first place, because it would be so goddamn laggy. (I hate to reference it, but) Counter-Strike has an AMAZING netcode. I consistantly get sub 150 pings, and the client side prediction code makes it feel like their is no lag at all. The last time I checked, there were 50,000 people playing counterstrike. 50,000!. I wouldn't want to go through and check everyones ping, but I can garuntee that the majority would be on 56k.

Stop being so goddamn spoilt and think of those others without cable.

[/really pissed off at lpbs]

[edit] Sorry to everyone that i may have offended, this is not personally targeted at anyone, its just I'm so annoyed that im forced onto 56k and then cablers rub my low bandwith in my face that I just have to vent every once and a while.

*Disclaimer: This was an angry rant about nothing in particular. Don't mind me.

[<b>That's better.... no need to turn this into a flame-war. Keep in mind that in fact most of the world don't even own computers, much less have affordable internet access. It's sad, but it's reality. And if you can afford broadband, you're pretty lucky. - Kurgan</b>]

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