Thread: 16? on q3?
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quake3 has very similar netcode.

quake3 can actually do exactly what the half-life netcode does

hopefully that mod works with jko. if not im willing to chip in some cash (pass the hat, start a pay pal account) to get these guys to do the work. Can you imageine sabe battles with that. yum.

btw....dont whine about being a broke **** POS who cant afford broad band. dont ***** to me about being a "rich american". Last time i check our borders are pretty open. anyone can beomce a citizen, ****!

<b> [-Simmer down there pardner! Don't make me take out my trusty Banning Gun (tm). Play nice.... - Kurgan]</b>

that said.....i work hard to have what i have. im sorry youre less fortunate but well. my computer and connection are tip top and i expect to be able to play every game well
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