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The patch of charred flesh is my evil double, Deac Darkstar, using our stolen powers he became the almost all powerful DarkStarkiller.
This is my brother Syrnl in my arms. He's finally returned to the family...

Syrnl: Deac... I'm sorry. Did you ever believe there was still good in me?

I hoped for it, brother. I didn't truly know you.

Syrnl: Another regret, but perhaps you were right... I did not truly know myself... or my son. Tell Orthos I'm sorry. I hope he can forgive me... and I hope you and father can... he's out there somewhere Deac... find him... brother...

*And the man that was Syrnl, to the Darkstar, and finally the brother of Deac, becomes one with the light. He is taken back to the burnt grave of the family home, destroyed in one of The Darkstar's rages, and buried with Deac's ancestors.
Now, Deac has gone back to the cantina, to mourn in his own way...*

(Basically, we're out of the alternate universe. For more info, see the Alternate Universe thread in RSRP)

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