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I have a MAtrox G400 MAX P3 1GHZ and a 512mb of RAM do you think I will be able to run JK with all the trimmings?

True engine requirements will not necessitate game requirements, meaning that there could simply be more polygons and textures on the screen then QA3. Thus raising the system requirements, but we are forgetting something, this is an LEC product and that means that if the system requirements are too high, they won't release a game. Remember that their games have always run great on any system...

They also have the largest beta team you've ever seen, and i hope you realize that there was never but a single patch for JK, only to fix the cross hairs problems with V2.

I have a radeon 8500 but driver issues with ATI piss me off and MAtrox is just great with their support team.
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