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Originally posted by Rancor
Uh, yeah....Q3 is a smouldering piece of cr@p....( the game, not the engine....well, actually the engine too ) I think we all know that id really never pushes their engines very hard...and consequently, the networking code doesn't get pushed to the limit.

Now add saber toting people spraying force powers everywhere and you can imagine that more network bandwidth is going to be eaten up. If it takes more bandwidth per player, that will therefore reduce the total number of max players.

Comparisions to Q3 are completely meaningless ( even though they share the same engine ) because the games are entirely different.
Yeah you really don't know wut your talking about, the Quake 3 Team Arena engine is one of the best engines out right now. And the netcode is great, I have played with people on 56k's and they hardly lag in quake3, wolfestein, and MoH: AA
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