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Originally posted by Syko
I myself listen to the upgrade nazis....that, and my hard drive crashed, so I said, "Hey, what a time to upgrade! I won't JUST get a new hard drive, I'll get a new everything else too!" Luckily for me, my parents were nice enough to pay for it as an early graduation present (and cuz i got a nice scholarship to UMass Lowell). Anyway....I ordered fun stuff. Think THIS will run the game ok?

Athlon XP 2000+
512MB PC2100 Crucial RAM
Abit KR7A-133 Mobo
Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM ATA100 Hard Drive
PNY GeForce3 Ti 500
A nice generic case from (mid-tower)
A nice power supply from (350w)
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

Personally, I think the game will run well, though I think the mouse will cause problems and bottlenecks and cause the game to run at 10fps. But other than that I think I'm all set

Ugh.. newbie. You NEED 1024mb of RAM. JEEZ how dumb can you get.


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