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I had actually thought about that myself. I'll move this to feedback to promote more discussion. Even though that site is dead, I think it'd be good to have it on the GFN rather than let it be eaten eventually by Geocities once it converts to a pay service. For instance, Spaff's monkey island page, the site that evolved into the empire, was recently devoured by geocities, shortly before the staff was going to back it up on mixnmojo. This is a good opportunity to save the PF from a fate worse than, death!

However, this would mean an adjustment in the hosting policy of the GFN, to allow for "dead" sites to be hosted and be on display like in a museum. I'm not sure how much the LFNetwork higher-ups would agree with hosting inactive sites, but it's good to know that GFN-founder ZeroXcape is an LFN exec . We'll just have to see what develops.

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