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it dosnt actually have to remain 'dead' i was thinkin someone could pick it up.

I agree that the network shouldnt be crowded with too many sites, some of the hosted sites arnt doin a thing, like the LSA and lets face it CLD, i mean it aint been touched for over a year. I know mojo had the down time but surely one of the conditions on having a hosted site is to keep it updated and make use of it. Some of the hosted sites just arnt doin this. I know ur workin on BonesOfLife Met but some of the other sites are dormant. I think the whole network should be revised and sorted out(i know thats easy to say...)Dormant sites should be dropped and the sites that are serving a cause on the network should be kept.

I dont mean to have a go at anybody who owns one of the hosted sites but i just feel the the network has been back long enough to be sorted out and kept up-to-date. I'd be happy to help with any sites that are tryin to pick up once again

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