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Force Commander.

It felt WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more real. Like how the buildings and troopers wouldn't 'just appear' they'd come down from landing crafts. You can give names to troopers, take them through the campaigns. Also the vehicles and troops earned ranks, and got better at firing. I also liked the few upgrades that gave the units better firepower, armor, and speed. And Force Commander is PERFECT for screenshots. just look at my sig, i'm getting revenge on the people who cheated to get past Escape from Fest in Rogue Squadron. mwahahahhaa Force Commander is REALLY fun to play since it's 3d. I mean, it's strengths are more than its weaknesses. I like skirmish the most. It's really hard playing a 4player empire ffa. fun, but HARD (game lasts really long too). The units movements are perfect too. Also, the units have secondary functions, and I like hearing my troopers reporting to me when i click on them, and also being able to put at-aas down around the enemy's base and wipe out their landing crafts. Force Commander is very fun, but like one of u said, you cannot really compare force commander and galactic battlegrounds since they both have about the same amount of strengths and weaknesses

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