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Raven got the Lightsabers Perfect!

If you are like me, you were probably displeased with the replication of the Jedi lightsabers in the games.

The main thing that got be pissed with the lightsabers from previous games was the lack of lightsaber trails from moving it around.

Jedi Knight Dark Forces II and Mysterious of the Sith didn't even have lightsaber trails.

The Phantom Menace game had trails, but were very poor.

Obi-Wan had better trails then Phantom Menace, but still was not good.

What the developers were getting wrong was, when the lightsaber moved they made the trail this long light wave, but in Outcast Raven has actually made the trail part of the saber and instead of making a long trail they make it slightly short - how it should be.

Can't wait for dueling lightsabering in multiplayer - oh yes!

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