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I think lightsabers should be left unexplained in Star Wars (they have a nice, mystical fantasy quality about them, like the Force, that would be ruined if you tried to explain it by saying, oh, something like it's actually a blade made of mitichlorian waste products)...

Having said that, I can't resist playing the sci-fi theoretical science guessing game... so here's my theory:

A saber is some kind of super-hot plasma that's kept in blade shape by a powerful electromagnetic field. That way you can lengthen and shorten the blade and is passes through anything without a magnetic field... which, of course, excludes other lightsabers... so perhaps the magnetic fields on lightsabers are naturally repellant (like the negative sides of 2 magnets) and that's why lightsabers bounce off each other... after all, magnetic repulsion is what makes everything else solid (otherwise, whenever you touched anything, you'd chemically bond with it)...

My $.02

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