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I always wished that they would implement a system that would have directional blocking in saber battles. You could have the 4 basic directions, up, up, left, right. If the opposing jedi attacked high, you would have to press the up attack, and then you could either wait or his next attack or quickly try to counter ttack or dodge. Then the battle would continue until one of them made too many mistakes or one person fled. It might take a while to get used too, and you might need to develope some pretty fast reflexes, but if you could do it right i think it would be alot more engaging and fun. Also, the directional attacks would not always be the same. So, even though you may go left twice in a row, the animations wouldn't necessarily be the same.

They could include some sort of "lock-on" feature that would engage the system. When you "targeted" a jedi you would go into saber mode. just a thought

I think that the current system will be fun as well, if it ends up like they said. I still don't think you can have real dueling as long as you have autoblocking.

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