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Hosted by QuEsT, IJM... Honorably affiliated and partially hosted with/by Provinggrounds ( )

Hosted clans:

JK][ ( , )
IJM ( or ) ,
HydraHerbs ( ) ,
FOG ( ) ,
GE ( ),
SaGe ( )
Soon to be hosting GSA ( )

Sources of Information on #UseTheForce - advertising source and responses. Part of the message below...

#UseTheForce also plays the duel role of helping our community progress as one and unifying our purpose of competative and fun gaming. It's a great way to meet people, make new friends, and recruit members to your clan. With all the features #UseTheForce offers - what we expect from our new JKO community. Part of the message below...

I have not played JK for a year (and not intensily since it died in 99). Over spring break I came back to check over some old message boards and to my surprise I found several new clans like JNO, JK, FH, FES, and several other clans boasting good sizable clans, good webpages, several unified mature members, and the right mentality. I have a feeling...
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